Próba ustalenia nowych poziomów korelacyjnych w warstwach krośnieńskich Karpat Polskich

Stanisław Jucha, Janusz Kotlarczyk


Tentative determination of new correlation horizons in Krosno beds (Polish Carpathians)

Jasło shales and diatomites occurring within the Krosno beds have been recognised as correlative horizons. On the distribution of these horizons and their relation to other beds facial changes of the Krosno beds and the menilite ,beds have been described on the aspect of palaeogeographic development of the Carpathian geosyncline. New stratigraphic division of the Krosno beds has also been established. The recognition of the described correlation horizons has cleared up many so far disputed questions concerning the age of the menilite and Krosno beds.

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