Penetracja wiertnicza cechsztynu wyżu Czaplinka

Adam Tokarski


Prospecting, boring of the Zechstein in the gravimetric positive anomaly of Czaplinek (NW Poland)

The drilling of Świdwin 2 bore-hole (fig. 1), undertaken by the Polish Oil Industry, was completed at the beginning of 1957, attaining a depth of 3252.1 m. This drilling closed the initial stage of subsurface investigation of outlooks for oil and gas prospecting in the Zechstein beds of Poland by piercing the gravimetric positive anomaly of Czaplinek which constitutes the structural culmination in the Pomeranian sector of the Kujawy-Pomerania anticlinorium (fig. 2). A section of this boring (tabl. I and charts 1-2) shows the Quaternary, Tertiary and Mesozoic deposits overlying the Zechstein beds.

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