Fauna z Pygope diphya i limburgity w tytonie wierchowym Osobitej

Zbigniew Kotański, Andrzej Radwański


High-tatric Tithonian in the Osobita region, its fauna with Pygope diphya and products of volcanoes

In the autochtonous unit of Kominy Tylkowe, in the high-tatric series of the Osobita region (Tschecho-Slovakia) Tithonian strata appears in the specific: crinoidal-brachiopodian facies with abundant fauna of Pygope diphya (Col.). During the Tithonian occurred young-Cimmerian tectonic disturbances which changed the prevailing sedimentation conditions and evoked volcanic phenomena. Various limburgite lavas and tuffites were produced in the Tithonian extrusions.

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