Z badań nad fliszem podhalańskim i magurskim na Podhalu

Bronisław Halicki


Notes on the Podhale and Magura flysch in the Podhale region

A report is made of the latest investigation results which have partly modified the writer's views on the geology of the Podhale region advanced by him in 1959. They may be summarized as follows:

1. Organic hieroglyphs occur only within a relatively thin Flysch series between the lower and upper Podhale beds which are in turn characterised by the presence of anorganic hieroglyphs.

2. Bentonitized intercalations of volcanic tuffs are more frequent than has so far been believed. (comp. sketch map, fig. 1).

3. The supposed Inceramus collecled from the Magura Flysch at NowyTarg (Halicki 1959) in reality is a Zoophycus. Other specimens of this form provided with a marginal cord suggest the Eocene age of rocks cropping out along·the Dunajec river at Nowy Targ.

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