Stromatolity z batonu wierchowego Tatr

Michał Szulczewski


Stromatolites from the high-tatric Bathonian of the Tatra Mountains

The Collenia type of stromatolites from the high-tatric Bathonian in the Tatra Mts. in a number of characters resembles the living stromatolites. The laminae of the Tatra stromatolites consist of material that is mainly bioclastic and does not exceed the size of 1 mm, with the predominance of the globigerine-globochaete-halobia assemblage of pelagic organisms. The selective deposition of extremely fine sediments of stromatolite laminae is associated with the presence of blue-green algae. The columnar forms of iron oxides, vertically cutting through the laminae, are more or less accurate replicas of the shape of these algae. The properties of the Tatra stromatolites suggest their shallow-water formation, possibly in the intertidal zone.

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