Zjawiska krasowe wschodniej części Tatr Polskich

Jerzy Głazek, Zbigniew Wójcik


Karst phenomena in the eastern part of the polish Tatra Mts.

Karst structures, such as funnels, uvalas, lapies, swallow-holes and underground water circulation channels as well as karst springs are very frequent within the eastern part of the Polish Tatra Mts. These forms occur in two karst zones which are seen in vertical section. Within the lower zone the dominant characters are those of the covered karst (funnels, uvalas and swallow-holes, reproduced in moraines), while the predominant features in the upper zone are forms of the naked karst (Iapies, avens and funnels). Most of the forms just mentioned were carved out during the post-glacial and Holocene time. Of older age, most likely Pliocene, are the high-lying caverns and the mogote of Kopa Magury.

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