O triasie Skałki Haligowieckiej i pozycjipaleogeograficznej serii haligowieckiej

Zbigniew Kotański


On the Triassic of the Haligowce Klippen and the palaeogeographic position of the Haligowce series

The Triassic of the Haligowce Klippen in the Pieniny range displays some lithological analogies with the Triassic of the high-Tatric and subtatric series in the Tatra Mts. Hence, even in the lack of fossils, the Anisian and Campilian stages may be distinguished. A very distinct angular unconformity occurs here between the Triassic and the Lias. Particularly intense old-Cimmerian movements preceded the deposition of Liassic sediments in the Pieniny Klippen BeIt. During later nappe movements the angular un conformity between Triassic and Liassic rocks were an important factor in the shearing of the Lias from the folded substratum. The Haligowce series displays marked analogies with the northernmost high-tatric series (Osobita and Bobrowiecka series), together with which it is referable to the Podhale series. The latter has some features that are either inter-mediate or in common with traits of both the high-tatric series and the Pieniny Klippen Belt series.

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