Zlepieńce dębowieckie i fauna mioceńska z wiercenia B 4 koło Bielska

Konrad Konior, Wilhelm Krach


On the Dębowiec conglomerates and the Miocene fauna from borehole B 4 near Bielsko

The lower part of the aotochtonous Miocene with Dębowiec conglomerates reached in borehole B 4 at Hałcnów are described. At a depth of 1661.8-1669.2 m a fairly abundant Miocene macrofauna has been discovered in this borehole within a 157 m thick series underlying too Dębowiec conglomerates. According to W. Krach the age of the macrofauna is referable to the upper Helvetian or the lowermost Tortonian.

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