Transport i sedymentacja współczesnych piasków Dunajca i jego niektórych dopływów

Krystyna Nawara


Recent transport and sedimentation of sands in the Dunajec river and some of its tributaries

Analyses of the mineral composition and texture of recent sands in the Dunajec river and some of its tributaries are presented. In spite of the contamination with Flysch material during transport, the writer postulates a distinct influence of the Tatra source rocks·on the analysed deposits. The transporting factors probably have but a slight influence on the stability of feldspars and heavy minerals that are components of the investigated sands. The size frequency distribution of these sands, the mean diameter and the coefficient of sorting are probably more dependent on the petrographic character of the rocks crushed into sand during transport, than on the abrasive and sorting agents of the river. In spite of the complicated conditions of origin of the investigated sands one may observe distinct differences in the style of action in everyone of the studied streams which differ in their gradient and velocity of current.

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