Miocen okolic Grzybowa

Wilhelm Krach


The Miocene of to the vicinity of Grzybów near Staszów

Boreholes in the vicinity of Grzybów near Staszów (S Poland) have pierced Miocene deposits overlying Triassic rocks. Sediments of the Lower and Upper Tortonian as well as of the Sarmartian have been found in the Miocene. Fragmentarily preserved brown-coal-bearing sublithothamniam muds rest discordantly on the Triassic overlaid by lithothamnian limestones and sandstones, also supra-lithothamniam muds containing Amussium denudatum (Reus). Strongly developed gypsum beds and sulfur-bearing limestones are underlain by a fragmentarily preserved Modiola bed. The overlying Upper Tortonian clais and marls are characterized by the presence of Chlamys elini Žišč. The Lower Sarmatian is developed in a clay and marl facies containing Syndosmya with arenaceous clays containing Pirenella picta mitralis (Eich.) in the top.

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