Dolny karbon w okolicy Bolechowic (Góry Swiętokrzyskie)

Halina Żakowa


The Lower Carboniferous from the vicinity of Bolechowice (Holy Cross Mts.)

A description is given of the Lower Carboniferaus (Tournaisian) and Upper Devonian (Frasnian and Famenian) deposits from borehole Bolechowice 1. Their stratigraphy is based chiefly on macro-and microfauna (corallites, brachiopods, lamellibranchs, cephalopods, ostracods, conodonts) and on macro- and - microflora. The Tournaisian here is developed mainly as a siliceous-clay series whose petrography has been summarily described. The lower part of the Gattendorfia horizon occurs as calcareous-marly sediments analogous with the Famennian. The transition of the Devonian into the Carboniferous in borehole Bolechowice 1 took place in the lamellibranchian facies The division of the Famenian in this borehole is discussed and stress is laid on the general resemblances in the development of the Tournaisian and the Strunian at Bolechowice and Kowala. A brief description is also for the first time given of the development of the Strunian in the Holy Cross Mts., also the extent and facial types of this stage on the basis of Tournaisian sections from this region. These data are an important contribution to the currently accepted theoretical and diagrammatic concept of the problems here considered.

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