Zagadnienia stratygrafii i sedymentacji ordowiku Łysogór w nawiązaniu do niektórych profilów obszaru południowego

Henryk Tomczyk, Maria Turnau-Morawska


Problems of stratigraphy and sedimentation of the Ordovician in Łysogóry (Holy Cross Mts., central Poland) in connection with some profiles of the southern region

The writers present some new observations concerning the Ordovician stratigraphy and sedimentation in Łysogóry and demonstrate the absence of the Lower Ordovician within this area. The sedimentation started here at the boundary of the Llanvirnian and the Llandeilian with deposition of limestones containing chamosite oolites and pisolites testifying to a shallow water environment. A review of correlation with the Ordovician of the southern region of the Holy Cross Mts. leads to the conclusion that the Lower Ordovician overlies here different units of the Lower or Middle Cambrian. The sedimentation cycle of the southern region is terminated with limestones containing chamosite oolites and belonging to the Llanvirnian. The writers suppose that orogenic movements occurred at the end of the Llanvirnian which formed a new sedimentation basin in the Holy Cross Mts. Similar processes probably took place in the neighbouring ares, namely in the Carpathian Foreland and the Polish Lawland.

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