Dewon dolny w profilach wierceń obszaru Bielsko-Andrychów

Konrad Konior


The Lower Devonian from boreholes in the Bielsko-Andrychów region

Lower Devonian deposits reached during the last few years in deep boreholes within the Bielsko-Andrychów region are discussed. The Lower Devonian there is developed in the sandstone-siltstone facies. It has been divided into the upper, middle and lower horizons. An abundant and well preserved psylophyte flora has been found at the bottom of the upper horizon in borehole Andrychów 2, while the scolithus sandstones occur in the top of the middle horizon in borehole Andrychów 3. These finds indicate the limnic-marine character of the deposits. On analogies with the Devonian from the Holy Cross Mts. The deposits under consideration are referable to the Emsian. The Lower Devonian represents-here the oldest non-metamorphosed Paleozoic member of the monocline in the southern marginal area of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin resting directly on metamorphic or crystalline rocks. The anticlinal Rzeszotary-Tymbark zone, stripped of the Devonian-Carboniferous overlying strata, separates two occurrence areas of the Devonian, i.e. the north-eastern one connected with the Holy Cross Mts. region from the south-western one connected with the Sudeten region comprising the terrane here discussed.

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