Late Cambrian trilobites from the Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland

Anna Żylińska


Thirty-seven trilobite taxa from the Upper Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains are described; eighteen are noted for the first time in Poland. Eleven of the previously recognised species are considered to be junior synonyms. Restorations of the exoskeleton for Aphelaspis rara (ORLOWSKI), Leptoplastides irae (ORLOWSKI), Peltura protopeltorum ORLOWSKI, and Trilobagnostus rudis (SALTER) are provided. Large morphological variation in cephal a of Parabolina (Neoparabolina) frequens (BARRANDE), obsetved in the literature and exemplified by the analysed material indicates that the hitherto recognised subspecies, R. (N.) frequens frequens (BARRANDE), R. (N.) frequens argentina (KAYSER) and R. (N.) frequens flnnmarchica (NIKOLAISEN & HENNINGSMOEN), represent one taxon. Parabolina (Neoparabolina?) lapponica WESTERGARD is most probably related to Parabolina (Neoparabolina) frequens (BARRANDE). Bellella LAKE is considered a junior synonym of Leptoplastides RAW, and the genus belongs to the Pelturinae rather than the Oleninae.


Late Cambrian, Holy Cross Mountains, Trilobites

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