Kimeryd•i najwyższy oksford południowo-zachodniego obrzeżenia mezozoicznego Gór Świętokrzyskich Część II - Paleogeografia

Jan Kutek


The Kimmeridgian and Uppermost Oxfordian in the SW margins of the Holy Cross Mts. (Central Poland). Part II

PaleogeographyThe present paper is a continuation (part II) of the writer's work dealing with the Kimmeridgian and Uppermost Oxfordian deposits exposed in the SW margins of the Holy Cross Mts. and the vicinity of Radomsko. Part I (Kutek 1968) dealt with stratigraphic problems, while part II discusses lithological, sedimentological and paleogeographic questions. It contains a description of various carbonate deposits, special attention being paid to oolites, onkolites and coral-bearing limestones. Subsidence and contacts of the Jurassic and Cretaceous deposits are among the paleogeographic problems that have been discussed. It has also been shown that, during the Upper Jurassic, the Paleozoic massif of the Holy Cross Mts. did not constitute a separate paleogeographic unit.

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