Sedymentacja eocenu numulitowego Tatr

Piotr Roniewicz


Sedimentation of the Nummulite Eocene in the Tatra Mts.

Lithological and sedimentological problems·of what is known as the Nummulite Eocene stretching along the·northern margin of the Tatra Mts and which occurs in the bottom of the Inner-Carpathian flysch·are discussed in the present work. The character of sediments and their variability in individual parts of the belt of outcrops are examined in detailed lithological profiles.·BasaI·conglomerates, among which several varieties with a different genesis (conglomerates composed of waste material or regoliths, boulder masses of different types,. conglomerates formed of a material deposited in the form of regular layers on a·near-shore accumulation platform, .etc.) have been distinguished, are the lowermost lithological member. Detrital dolomites formed by the accumulation·of mechanically crumbled dolomites and other carbonate sub-tatric substratal rocks,·as well as conglomeratic organodetrital Iimestones and various organogenic rocks (algal, nummulitic and discocyclinid limestones, siltstones with terrestrial plant remains, etc.) are overlying lithological members. Attention has been attracted to the accumulations of nummulite-tests caused by waving and currents, as well as to the orientation or these tests brought about by the movement of water and the activity·of organisms dwelling in the deposit. The Palaeomorphology of the coastline, littoral zone and land area during the transgression has been characterized on the basis of a sedimentary contacts of the bottom of the Nummulite Eocene deposits. The course of the sedimentation of the littoral Nummulite Eocene deposits In the entire area of the Tatra Mts. has been presented.

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