Ordowik z wierceń Dobre 1 i Sokołów Podlaski 1 (zachodnia część obniżenia podlaskiego)

Wiesław Bednarczyk


The Ordovician from boreholes Dobre 1 and Sokołów Podlaski 1 (western part of the Podlasie depression)

The Ordovician stratigraphy from two new boreholes has been worked out and the equivalents have been established of the uppermost Tremadocian, the Arenigian, and the Lower Llanvirnian. The lithology of the Ordovician from these profiles resembles that of contemporaneous deposits from Scandinavia. The conodont fauna contains elements known both from the Scandinavian and the Peribaltic regions. The graptolites and brachiopods indicate direct communication routes with the Holy Cross Mts. area and with northern Europe. In the Podlasie depression, the Ordovician transgression occurred gradually from E to W; the transgressive deposits were associated with the glauconite facias.

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