Stratigraphy and paleogeography of the Namurian in the Polish Lowland

Krystyna Korejwo


A description is given of the Carboniferous from the Polish Lowland, with special stress laid on the Namurian whose most complete-development occurs in the Lublin Carboniferous basin. The stratigraphy of the Namurian deposits from that area is based on macrofauna - chiefly on goniatites. Most of the goniatite species, particularly the Upper Namurian ones, are here first reported from Poland. This helped to separate the Namurian B from the Namurian C and to distinguish the substages and goniatite zones known from the classical Namurian areas of western Europe. The lithology and the sedimentary processes at the Namurian in the Lublin basin are also reported. A description is, moreover, given of the Carboniferous deposits from north-western Po1and, the Sudetes and their forefield, as well as from the Silesia-Cracow basin and the Miechów depression. Some areas outside the Polish territory, i.e. Rügen and Mecklenburg going north-west, and the Lvov-Volhynia basin going south-east are discussed. The Namurian Paleogeography in Poland is presented in correlation with the development of the paralic Upper Carboniferous basins in the Subvariscan foredeep of western Europe. The probability of the existence of connections between the Namurian basin of Poland and western and eastern Europe is considered.

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