Vojnovskytesidae – a new family of Mississippian Rugosa (Anthozoa)

Jerzy Fedorowski, Jürgen Kullmann


Two new species of the genus Vojnovskytes Fedorowski, 2009, namely V. marcinowskii and V. arcuatus, and a new genus, Vojnimitor, based on the new species V. proiectus, all from Mississippian strata of northern Spain, are described. Vojnovskytes variabilis (Vojnovsky-Krieger, 1934), the type species for the genus from the lowermost Viséan strata of southern Urals, also is discussed and illustrated. Characters displayed by the taxa mentioned permit introduction of a new family Vojnovskytesidae.


Rugosa (Anthozoa); New family Vojnovskytesidae; Taxonomy; Mississippian; Spain

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