On variation in Schloenbachia varians (J. Sowerby, 1817) from the Lower Cenomanian of western Kazakhstan

William J. Kennedy


An assemblage of 94 specimens of Schloenbachia varians (J. Sowerby, 1817) from the Lower Cenomanian Sharpeiceras schlueteri Subzone of the Mantelliceras mantelli Zone of the Besakty section in the Mangyshlak Mountains of western Kazakhstan includes 26 complete adults that range from to 59–174 mm in diameter. No size-related dimorphism was detected in the assemblage, which shows wide, continuous intraspecific variation. This is described in terms of five formae; from robust to gracile these are: ventriosa, varians sensu stricto, subtuberculata , intermedia, and subplana. The ratio of robust (ventriosa + varians sensu stricto) to gracile (subtuberculata + intermedia + subplana) individuals is 34% to 66%. The reference specimens of the formae and their synonyms are described and illustrated, and related to the Besakty material. The modification of adult body chamber ornament of all formae is documented, and Jakeiceras Cooper and Owen, 2011 is shown to be based on an adult of a passage form between forma subtuberculata and forma intermedia. The differences between Lower Cenomanian S. varians, lower Middle Cenomanian S. coupei (Brongniart, 1822), and upper Middle and lower Upper Cenomanian S. lymensis Spath, 1926b are described and illustrated.


Ammonites; Schloenbachia; variation; Cenomanian; Cretaceous; Kazakhstan

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