Ireneusz Walaszczyk, William J. Kennedy, Chirstopher J. Wood


The late Professor Ryszard Marcinowski passed away untimely on 4 April 2010. This collection of original scientific papers, prepared by his friends, colleagues and students, is dedicated to his memory. Most of the papers are on the Cretaceous and especially on ammonites, Ryszard’s favourite group; however, there are also papers on Palaeozoic corals, Jurassic carbonates and quartz, contributed by his close friends. Many of his colleagues and friends also shared their personal reminiscences of Ryszard, prepared specially for the volume.

Financial support for the volume given by the Vice-Rector of the University of Warsaw, Professor Alojzy Z. Nowak, as well as the constant support from the Dean of the Faculty of Geology, Professor Ewa Krogulec, is here warmly acknowledged

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