Early Cenomanian (Cretaceous) inoceramid bivalves from the Kronsberg Syncline (Hannover area, Lower Saxony, Germany): stratigraphic and taxonomic implications

Markus Wilmsen, Birgit Niebuhr, Chirstopher J. Wood


An Early Cenomanian inoceramid bivalve assemblage collected from material excavated from a temporary exposure in the Kronsberg Syncline east of Hannover (northern Germany) is described. It consists of "Inoceramus" crippsi MANTELL, 1822, "I" hoppenstedtensis TROGER, 1967, Inoceramus virgatus scalprum BOHM, 1914 and I. virgatus virgatus SCHLUTER, 1877, as well as transitional forms between I. virgatus virgatus and I. virgatus scalprum and an apparently undescribed sulcate form. The inoceramid fauna is well preserved and very rich in individuals. Many of the inoceramids occur either as double-valved individuals or with the valves in close association and appear to be cocentrated in distinct layers. Co-occurring ammonites are Mantelliceras dixoni SPATH, Mantelliceras sp., Schloenbachia varians (J. SOWERBY), Hypoturrilities gravesianus (D'ORBIGNY) and Scaphites obliquus J. SOWERBY. Using event stratigraphy, the stratigraphic interval of the collected fauna can be assigned to the lower part of the Lower Cenomanian Mantelliceras dixoni ammonite Zone. It predominantly comprises material from the Inoceramus virgatus acme-event (the Schloenbachia/virgatus event of German event stratigraphy) at the top of the lower subzone (Mantelliceras dixoni & M. saxbii Subzone) of the dixoni Zone, which is known from the Lower Saxony, Cleveland (eastern England) and Anglo-Paris basins, where it invariably occurs in carbonate-rich rocks with low diversity faunas. The lithofacies and geochemistry of the strata are documented and the "Inoceramus" crippsi and Inoceramus virgatus groups are discussed, including the problematic provenance of the type series of Inoceramus virgatus scalprum.


Inoceramid bivalves, Ammonites, Cretaceous, Cenomanian, Northern Germany, Event stratigraphy, Taxonomy

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