The early Famennian recovery of phoebodont sharks

Michał Ginter, Susan Turner


Early Famennia microvertebrates from the Cape Fortune Member, Parry Islands Formation, of the Beverley Inlet area of Melville Island, Arctic Canada, comprise the teeth and possible scales of a new phoebodontid shark, Phoebodus rayi sp.n., of a protacrodont shark, Protacrodus aequalis IVANOV, and rare teeth of other sharks. The new phoebodont from the early Famennian crepida Zone is closely related to the Lazarus taxon, Ph. typicus GINTER & IVANOV. Ph. typicus emerges in the early Famennian Late triangularis Zone following the phoebodont shark hiatus subsequent to the Kellwasser Event which apparently caused extinction of most earlier phoebodonts.


Chondrichthyes, microfossils, Devonian, Arctic Canada

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