Tetanopsyrus lindoei gen. et sp. nov., an Early Devonian acanthodian from the Northwest Territories, Canada

Pierre-Yves Gagnier, Gavin F. Hanke, Mark V.H. Wilson


An acanthodian, Tetanopsyrus lindoei gen. et sp. nov., is described. All specimens are from Lochkovian of northwestern Canada. The body is covered with unornamented, flat scales, with two finely noded dorsal spines, finely noded anal, pelvic and pectoral spines, a high scapulocoracoid, and toothless jawbones with large, flat, crushing surfaces. Tetanopsyrus lacks pectoral dermal plates and intermediate pre-pelvic fin spines. Tetanopsyrus is classified in the new family Tetanopsyridae, and possible relationships of the family to diplacanthids are discussed.


Vertebrata, Acanthodii, Tetanopsyrus lindoei, Early Devonian, Lochkovian, systematics

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