The first articulated anti arch (Vertebrata, Placodermi) from the Upper Devonian of the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland)

Piotr Szrek


The first articualted antiarch, Bothriolepis jazwicensis sp. nov., from the lowermost Fammenian (Upper Devonian) of the Jaźwica Quarry (Łgawa Hill) near Kielce, in the Holy Cross Mountains (central Poland), is described. B. jazwicensis sp. nov. Is distinguished from all other species of Bothriolepis especially by possessing long and narrow armour and many unusual proportions of the head-shield and trunk-shield plates. This is the most complete specimen of a placoderm ever found in the Holy Cross Mountains and its state of preservation precludes its longer post mortem transport.


Antiarcha, Placodermi, Lower Famennian, Holy Cross Mountains

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