Middle Cenomanian ammonites from the type section of the Sanandinovo Formation of northern Bulgaria

William J. Kennedy, Nikolai Jolkicev


The type section of the Sanandinovo Formation between the villages of Sanandinovo and Novachene in northern Bulgaria has yielded numerous ammonites from packages 7-9 of the sequence recognised by previous authors. The assemblage is: Tetragonites subtimotheanus WIEDMANN, 1962, Puzosia (Puzosia) mayoriana (D.ORBIGNY, 1841), Acanthoceras jukesbrownei (SPATH, 1926), Protacanthoceras tuberculatum tuberculatum THOMEL, 1972, Calycoceras (Newboldiceras) asiaticum asiaticum (JIMBO, 1894), C. (N.) asiaticum spinosum (KOSSMAT, 1897), C. (N.) planecostatum (KOSSMAT, 1897), Calycoceras (Proeucalycoceras) picteti WRIGHT & KENNEDY, 1990, and Scaphites equalis J. SOWERBY, 1813. The assemblage indicates the upper Middle Cenomanian Acanthoceras jukesbrownei Zone of Western Europe. We have seen no evidence for either older or younger Cenomanian ammonite zones from the sequence.


Ammonites, Cenomanian, Bulgaria

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