What is Inoceramus peruanus Brüggen, 1910 ?

Annie V. Dhondt, Ireneusz Walaszczyk, Nadejda Tchegliakova, Etienne Jaillard


The figured holotype of the Lower Turonian Inoceramus peruanus BRÜGGEN, 1910 from Peru was found in the collections of the Goldfuss Museum in Bonn. Its general shape is close to that of Mytiloides goppelnensis (BADILLET & SORNAY) and M. kossmati (HEINZ), and is a Mytiloides. The ornamentation consists of the double-rugae typical of M. kossmati. The presence of M. peruanus in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia is discussed.


Cretaceous, South America Lower Turonian, Bivalvia, Mytiloides peruanus

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