Late Famennian pelagic shark assemblages

Michał Ginter


Chondrichthyan microremains from a section at Soureillé d'Izarne (Montagne Noire, southern France), with a new species, Thrinacodus tranqllillus sp. n., are described and compared to several other late Famennian pelagic chondrichthyan assemblages. Three general chondrichthyan biofacies are distinguished: shallow water Protacrodus biofacies; intermediate Phoebodus-Thrinacodus biofacies, characteristic of moderately deep, open shelves; and deep water falodus biofacies. The intermediate biofacies is the most widely distributed and usually yields the richest and most diverse assemblages.


Chondrichthyes, Late Famennian, Palaeogeography, Biofacies

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