Amygdalophyllum sudeticum sp. nov. (Rugosa) from a Lower Visean gneissic conglomerate, Bardzkie Mts., Sudetes (Poland)

Lech Żołyński


A new species of rugose coral, Amygdalophyllum sudeticum sp. nov., is described from specimens occurring in the matrix of a gneissic conglomerate cropping out in the northern part of the Bardzkie Mts., Poland. The paper includes diagnosis. description of the holotype. individual variability, diagenetic alteration and taphonomy. Comparison with closely similar corals from Russia and Belgium allows dating of the gneissic conglomerate as Early Visean.


Rugose corals, Taxonomy, Diagenetic alterations, Taphonomy, Sudetes, Poland, Visean

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