Ammonite biozonation and litho-/chronostratigraphy of the Cretaceous in Sakhalin and adjacent territories of Far East Russia

Elena Yazykova


The stratigraphy and ammonite faunas of the Cretaceous succession in Sakhalin are discussed. A high-resolution biostratigraphic zonation (24 zones in total) is proposed; it is correlated with adjacent areas and corresponds well to inoceramid and radiolarian zones. The definition of all stage and some substage boundaries in Sakhalin is discussed, and possibilities for interregional and global correlations are assessed. In addition, the main mass extinction and faunal turnover events recognised in these sections are taken into consideration.


Cretaceous, Ammonites, Stratigraphy, Bioevents, Palaeoecology, Sakhalin, Far East Russia

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