Morphology and taxonomy of Late Badenian to Sarmatian Mohrensternia (Gastropoda: Rissooidea) of the Central Paratethys

Vitaliy Anistratenko


The protoconch and teleoconch morphology of the Late Badenian and Sarmatian species of the genus Mohrensternia of the Central Paratethys are described and illustrated. Eight species of the genus are considered valid: Mohrensternia inflata HÖRNES, 1856, M. sarmatica FRIEDBERG, 1923, M. pseudinflata HILBER, 1897, M. perinflata FRIEDBERG, 1923, M. angulata (EICHWALD, 1830), M. pseudangulata HILBER, 1897, M. banatica JEKELIUS, 1944, and ? M. friedbergi sp. nov. A lectotype is designated for Rissoa angulata EICHWALD, 1830, the type species of Mohrensternia STOLICZKA, 1868. The type material of all species introduced by W. FRIEDBERG (1923) is revised and lectotypes are designated for M. sarmatica, M. pseudosarmatica and M. perinflata.


Gastropoda, Rissoidae, Mohrensternia, Shell morphology, Taxonomy, Miocene, Paratethys

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