Bajocian - Bathonian ammonite fauna of the Czorsztyn Unit, Pieniny Klippen Belt (Western Carpathians, Slovakia); its biostratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical significance

Jan Schlögl, Milos Rakus, Charles Mangold, Serge Elmi


The Parkinsoni Zone of the Late Bajocian and the Zigzag, Aurigems and Retrocostatum Zones of the Bathonian have been identified on the basis of relatively highly diversified ammonite assemblages within seven ammonitico rosso sections belonging to the Czorstyn Unit, Pieniny Klippen Belt. The ammonite fauna has features in common with both the Mediterranean Province and the Sub-Mediterranean Province, containing abundant Phylloceratina and Lytoceratina on the one hand, but numerous Parkinsonia on the other. Ammonites of Arabian affinities belonging to the genus Micromphalites occur rarely in the Early Bathonian Zigzag Zone assemblage. Lytoceras joniaki, Lissoceras compressus and Cadomites (Polyplectites) minutus are proposed as new taxa.


Jurassic, Bajocian, Bathonian, Ammonites, Biostratigraphy, Palaeobiogeography, Systematics, Pieniny Klippen Belt, Carpathians, Slovakia

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