Devonian rugose corals of the Phillipsastrea hennahii species group

Tomasz Wrzołek


Massive phillipsastreid tetracorals similar to Phillipsastrea hennahii, defined as a Ph. hennahii species group, are characterized by reduced intercorallite walls (thamnasterioid or subthamnasterioid habit), by variable but generally good development of horseshoe dissepiments at the tabularium/dissepimentarium boundary, and by strongly deflected peripheral platforms at corallite margins. Seven species of the Ph. hennahii species group, mostly from the Givetian of southern Euramerica, Iberia and northern Gondwana, are reviewed. Two species, the Middle Givetian Phillipsastrea sobolewi (RÓŻKOWSKA 1956) and the Late Givetian Phillipsastrea jachowiczi, a new species described herein, both from the Holy Cross Mountains (Poland) are described and illustrated. Also described from that area is Phillipsastrea falsa COEN-AUBERT 1987 from the Upper Frasnian.


Rugosa, Phillipsastreidae, Phillipsastrea hennahii, Species groups, Devonian, Givetian, Variability, Holy Cross Mts, Poland

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