Cambrian of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland; biostratigraphy of the WiÊniówka Hill succession

Anna Żylińska, Zbigniew Szczepanik, Sylwester Salwa


New acritarch data combined with the trilobite record date most of the WiÊniówka Hill succession (western part of ¸ysogóry, Holy Cross Mts.) as early Furongian (early late Cambrian). The taxonomic diversity and abundance of the acritarch assemblages allow a more precise age determination than previous studies, as well as correlation with contemporary associations from Baltica, Avalonia and West Gondwana. The stratigraphic significance of trilobite trace fossils within the succession is evaluated.


Cambrian, Furongian Series/Epoch, WiÊniówka, Trilobita, Acritarcha, Trace fossils, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland, TESZ

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