The early Visean (Carboniferous) conodonts from the Saoura Valley, Algeria

Tamara I. Nemyroska, Marie-France Perret-Mirouse, Marcel Weyant


The present study reports on conodonts from the El Hariga Formation (lower Visean) of the Saoura Valley, Algeria. This formation overlies the Hassi Sguilma Formation with the latest Tournaisian conodont assemblage with Scaliognathus anchoralis and it is overlain by the Mazzer Formation with the mid-Visean conodont fauna with Gnathodus bilineatus. The conodont assemblage of the El Hariga Formation contains the latest Tournaisian gnathodontids and the Visean Pseudognathodus and unornamented early Visean species of Lochriea. A new species, Lochriea saharae, a probable earliest representative of Lochriea is described. Its relationships to L. cracoviensis, L. commutata and Bispathodus stabilis are discussed.


Visean, Carboniferous, Conodonts, Saoura Valley, Algeria, Biostratigraphy, Taxonomy

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