Viséan and Bashkirian ammonoids from Central Iran

Vachik Hairapetian, Dieter Korn, Ali Bahrami


Two successions of Carboniferous sedimentary rocks in Central Iran yielded ammonoid assemblages from one horizon each. In the Ramsheh section, a siltstone with Neoglyphioceras yazdii n. sp. and Dombarites can be assigned to the latest Viséan. The assemblage from the Shesh Angosht Mountain is more diverse with species of the genera Proshumardites, Eumorphoceras, Homoceras, Glaphyrites, Syngastrioceras, and Dombarocanites. This is the first time that the co-occurrence of the genera Eumorphoceras and Homoceras has been recorded. This fauna contains elements of the South Urals and Central Asian occurrences of Bashkirian ammonoids and suggests close palaeobiogeographic relationships.


Carboniferous, Viséan, Bashkirian, Central Iran, Carbonate sequence, Ammonoids

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