Slump structures and turbidites in Upper Devonian limestones of the Holy Cross Mts.

Michał Szulczewski


The structures and deposits associated with subaqueous mass movements in the Upper Devonian of the Holy Cross Mts. are described. Slumpings, mud flows and turbidity currents were important factors during exclusively calcareous sedimentation. A considerable part of the resedimented calcareous Frasnian deposits is connected with contemporaneous reefs. They had a bearing on the sedimentation of the basin facies (the Kostomłoty Beds) and the Frasnian sedimentation of the southern part of the Kielce region within the reach of turbidity currents. The resedimented deposits come partly from the carbonate shelf lying most likely NW of the Holy Cross Mts. Resedimentation also took place in the pelagic facies.

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