Miocene vertebrate faunas from Przeworno (Lower Silesia) and their geological setting

Jerzy Głazek, Józef Oberc, Andrzej Sulimski


The preliminary results of geological and paleontological studies on newly found vertebrate faunas at Przeworno (Lower Silesia, Southwestern Poland) are presented. The older assemblage (Przeworno I) occurs in -clay infilling of horizontal karst passage. This assemblage corresponds to swampy rain forest faunas and is similar in age to fauna of La Romieu (Upper Burdigalian). The younger assemblage, found in vertical fissure filled up from surface, is represented by fauna of woods of the park type, pointing to sawanna-like climate, and corresponding to younger Vindobonian faunas in age. In the paleontological part the six genera of mammals, including one new species ,of rhinoceros - Aceratherium silesiacum sp. n. Sulimski, are described. Moreover, a fragment of the cave, with siliceous flowstones, is described.

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