The Lower Devonian in the western part of the Klonóm Belt (Holy Cross Mts) Part I - Upper Emsian

Henryk Łobanowski


A biostratigraphic and lithological description is given of the Upper Emsian deposits (Rhine magnafacies) from the western part of the Klonów Belt .in the northern margin of the Holy Cross Mts. A stratigraphic diagram has been worked out for these deposits on the basis of the brachiopod and lamellibranch fauna, and compared with the Upper Harz profile. Paleontological descriptions have also been given of such brachiopod and lamellibranch species which represent taxonomically doubtful or endemic forms. The chapter on lithology contains an analysis off ,the transport directions and the origin of clastic material. The present paper represents part I·of a monograph on the Lower Devonian deposits in the Klonów Belt.

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