Stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Ordovician in the Holy Cross Mts

Wiesław Bednarczyk


The biostratigraphic division of the Holy Cross Ordovician is based for both facial regions, that of Kielce and of Łysogóry, on brachiopods, trilobites, graptolites and conodonts. The Holy Cross conodonts had not previously been worked cut. The writer's investigations of that faunal group have led to the discovery within the Kielce region of the Llandeilo and Caradoc stages. The palaeogeographic-and facial relations in the above regions are discussed, too. in the Łysogóry region, the sedimentation took place in a sea that had persisted since the Cambrian and was characterized by considerable depths. The Kielce region was not overflooded until the Upper Tremadoc after a break due Ito the old Caledonian (Sandomirian) phase. In this area, the deposits formed under shallow-sea conditions, with local emersions at the dose of the Tremadoc and of the Ashgill.

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