Some representatives of the family Thecideidae (Brachiopoda) from the Upper Jurassic of Poland

Wiesław Barczyk


The brachiopods of the family Thecideidae Gray from the Middle Oxfordian of Bełchatów (NE Mesozoic margin of the Holy Cross Mts), including two species, Praelacazella ulmensis (Quenstedt) and Praelacazella baltoviensis sp. n., of the subfamily Lacezeline, one species, Agerinella lyrata Pajaud & Patrulius, of the subfamily Davidsonellinae and one species, Moorellina septata (Moore), of the subfamily Moorellininae are described. These species indicate very shallow-sea conditions that predominated in the basin in this area of the margin of the Holy Cross Mts.

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