Kwarc pomagmowy masywu strzegomskiego i karkonoskiego; jego środowisko krystalizacji i pierwiastki śladowe

Andrzej Kozłowski


Post-magmatic quartz of the Strzegom and Karkonosze granitoids (Lower Silesia)

The results are presented of thermometric and chemical investigations of fluid inclusions, and studies of trace elements in drusy and vein quartz of pegmatitic and hydrothermal origin from the Strzegom and Karkonosze granitoid massifs. Several generations of fluid inclusions have been distinguished and temperatures of their origin determined. The changeability of mineral-forming fluids and their influence on the presence of trace elements in quartz have been studded. The possibility of determining the crystallization temperature of quartz by the aluminium geothermometer method is discussed.

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