Strefa grejzenowa Mlądz-Kamień-Pobiedna na Pogórzu Izerskim

Łukasz Karwowski


Greisens of the Izera Upland (Sudetes)

The results of field observations and investigations of physico-chemical conditions of the greisen formation in the Izera Upland are presented. Microscopic studies and investigations of temperatures of homogenization of the fluid inclusions in greisen minerals reveal that the greisenization processes proceeded at a temperature range from 300 to 350°C, probably in the presence of a significant amount of such components as B, F and Cl, and besides a large amount of CO2, the latter occurring as individual liquid in multiphase fluid inclusion. The greisenization process was a part of general metasomatosis developed regionally in the Izera Upland.

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