The Cretaceous transgressive deposits east of Czestochowa (Polish Jura Chain)

Ryszard Marcinowski


The Cretaceous transgressive deposits in the environs of Mokrzesz, Lusławice and Julianka, situated east of Częstochowa (Polish Jura Chain), are developed mostly as various glauconitic sands and sandstones containing abundant fauna. These deposits represent successive stratigraphic members from the Upper Albian till the Lower Turonian. Particularly numerous fauna assemblages occur in the Lower Cenomanian and contain various cephalopods (nautilids, ammonites and belemnites), which are elaborated in the palaeontological part of the present paper, and which include many forms of ammonites of the genera Scaphites, Hamites, Sciponoceras, Mariella, Turrilites, Ostingoceras, Schloenbachia, Mantelliceras, Sharpeiceras, Calycoceras and Paracalycoceras.

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