Mineralizacja kruszcowa w•aplogranicie rejonu Paszowic na Dolnym Śląsku

Ryszard Sałaciński


Ore mineralization in aplogranite at Paszowice (Strzegom massif, Lower Silesia)

On the basal of microscopic analyses a description is given of the ore minerals occurring in quartz veins in aplogranite from Paszowice in the Lower Silesian Strzegom massif. The presence has been noted of molybdenite, wolframite, native bismuth, bismuthinite, chalcopirite, sphalerite, bornite, valleriite, scheelite, also various iron sulfides and secondary minerals (digenite, covellite and limonite). These have been differentiated into two groups of the endogenic minerals, and the secondary (hypergenic) minerals. Both, the qualitative and quantitative composition as well as the occurrence forms of the primary ore minerals indicate their crystalization in high temperature postmagmatic solutions.

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