Problematyka stratygraficzna górnej jury z kilku wierceń w synklinorium warszawskim

Jan Kutek, Bronisław Andrzej Matyja, Andrzej Wierzbowski


Stratigraphical problems of the Upper Jurassic deposits in the Warszawa Synclinorium

The authors present stratigraphical subdivision of Upper Jurassic deposits penetrated by boreholes in anticlinaI structures of Lipno (boreholes Lipno 2 and Lipno 4) and Kamionki (boreholes Kamionki 1 and Kamionki 2), in the NW part of the Warsaw synclinorium (cf. Fig. 1, lithological and lithostratigraphical columns in Fig. 2 and some photomicrographs in Pls, 2-4). Higher-order lithostratigraphical units (group, formations) established by the authors are found over the whole Warsaw synclinorium area and also in some other parts of Poland. However, these units were not established in a strictly formal way, nor were they named after geographical localities, as adequate type sections should be chosen where these units are exposed at the surface, e.g. in the Holy Cross Mts or in the Polish Jura Chain.

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