Dependence of karst denudation on geological structure in the SW part of the Holy Cross Mts (Central Poland)

Jerzy Głazek, Maria Markowicz-Łohinowicz


The chemical analyses of karst waters in the SW part of the Holy Cross Mts, carried out at different months, have revealed seasonal variation; they have also enabled to calculate the index of karst denudation and establish the dependence of their composition on mrphology of soluble formations. It appeared that the karst denudation of Devonian dolostones is several times greater then that of the Devonian and Triassic limestones. The high SO4- and CI- content in Devonian doIostone waters suggests a hypersaline environment during dolomite sedimentation. Moreover, a discussion is given on the denudation index on the errors in its calculation and on the geomorphological significance of this index.

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