Charakterystyka hydrochemiczna wód głębinowych w utworach permu monokliny przedsudeckiej

Tadeusz Dąbrowski


The hydrochemical characteristics of brines in the Permian deposits of the Foresudetic monocline

The variable hydrochemical regime characterizing the brines of the particular Permian waterbearing formations discussed. Differences are observed in the chemical composition, values of the ionic ratios, and varying general mineralization. This should probably be connected·with the various origin and dynamics of the brines as well as with differences in the lithology and tectonics of the deposits collecting the brines. In Permian deposits there occur very strongly mineralized waters mostly of the types Cl-Na, CI-Na-Mg, Cl-Na-Ca. Their mineralization increases with the distance from the zone of the Sub-Tertiary outcrops of the Permian. An analysis of correlations between the particular hydrochemical indices has shown ,the presence of a relatively small number of dependent factors. This reasonably suggests a lack of uniformity in the determination of ironic relations in hydrogeological studies. Strong mineralization and the chemical composition of the waters indicate that the Permian waterbearing formation in the Foresudetic monocline lies within a zone of extremely slow water exchange, to be rated on·a geological scale.

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