Małżoraczki górnosylurskie z wyniesienia Łeby (N PoIska)

Barbara Żbikowska


Upper Silurian ostracods from the Łeba elevation (N Poland)

45 species of Upper Silurian ostracods have been described from borehole material from the Łeba elevation. A revision has been made of the generic position of the form Alveolella perplexa (Kummerow) so far referred to the genus Octonaria Jones. The ostracods have provided evidence to determine the age of the sediments under consideration as the uppermost (part of the Lower Postludlovian, also the lower and middle part of the Upper Postludlovian. Within the Upper Postludlovian the presence has been observed of three ostracod zones - Neobeyrichia incerta, Frostiella pliculata and Nodibeyrichia tuberculata. A new zone - Hemsiella hemsiensis - with a characteristic ostracod assemblage has been created in the uppermost part of the Lower Postludlovian. Moreover the sediments here considered have been correlated with those from other parts of the Baltic area.

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