Stratigraphic and biogeographic significance of Late Cambrian trilobites from Łysogóry (Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland)

Anna Żylińska


Revision of the Late Cambrian trilobites from Łysogóry in the Holy Cross Mountains, central Poland, enabled the application of a modified version of the Upper Cambrian biostratigraphic zonation established for the Baltica palaeocontinent. The following zones and subzones were recognised: Olenus scanicus and Parabolina brevispina subzones, LeptoplastusProtopeltura praecursor Zone, Peltura minor Zone (Ctenopyge tumida and Ctenopyge affinis subzones), Peltura scarabaeoides Zone (Ctenopyge linnarssoni and ?Parabolina lobata subzones) and the Acerocare Zone sensu lato. Biogeographically the trilobites of Lysogóry show a distinct change, from a low diversity fauna with a predominance of Avalonian forms in the early Late Cambrian, to more diversified assemblages, characterised by the constant increase to dominance of Baltic elements by the end of the Cambrian.


Late Cambrian, Holy Cross Mountains, Trilobites, Biogeography, Biostratigraphy, Lysogóry Block

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